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Coffee & Chat H.R. 6054 Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 Live Stream starts at 5:30 PM EST

This sounds like some thing we all we be for right, it does sound good maybe that is the point and that is what we are going to discuss Remember All that Glitter is not Gold, we always have to look beyond what is being said to what they are not saying… So set back & relax grab your favorite drink & lets Talk about the Things they Don’t Want Us to Talk About shall we….


H.R.6054 – Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 115th Congress (2017-2018)…

Unmasking Antifa Act’ includes 15-year prison term proposal…


Coffee & Chat Why we Celebrate Independence Day


Tomorrow we Celebrate Independence Day, but yet so many people want to destroy that which all of Us American’s should hold dear. Our Freedoms & Liberty is what makes this country so great and at the same time hated by those that wish to control & subjugate their citizens, so much division and discontent oh how People have forgotten why we Celebrate our Independence Day… Links: North Carolina Social Justice Activist: Boycott July 4, Crash Other People’s Cookouts…

Tonights Live Stream will start at 7:20 pm est Ramblings of A Chaotic Mind Indoctrination pt 2


When some of our youth start questioning things it’s kinda of a good idea to step back & listen. There has been so much indoctrination going at all levels sometimes we forget to question things that seem irrelevant like tiny homes, dome housing, technology even diversity, so set back it’s going to be an interesting conversation tonight & who knows may a a couple guest jump in as well…

A Game

A Game

Y o u   w i s h   t o   p l a y   a   g a m e ?
A r e   y o u   s u r e   y o u   w i s h   t o   d o   t h a t   t o   y o u r   n a m e ,
F o r   t h e r e   i s   n o   s h a m e ,
I ‘ l l   j u s t   l e a v e   y o u   m a i m e d .

T i s   j u s t   f o r   f u n ,
B u t   i t   w i l l   b e   b r i g h t e r   t h a n   t h e   s u n ,
S o   d o n ‘ t   r u n ,
A n d   t h a t   i s   n o t   a   p u n !

A s   y o u   c a n   s e e   I   h a v e   m a n y   f o r m s   t o   s p i n ,
S o m e   a r e   j u s t   f u l l   o f   s i n ! ,
B u t   g o o d   o v e r   g i n ,
S o   d o n ‘ t   t u r n   t o   t i n .

I   w o u l d   h a t e   t o   g e t   y o u r   r h y m e ,
B u t   i t ‘ s   j u s t   a   m a t t e r   o f   t i m e ,
B e f o r e   y o u   a r e   m i n e ,
S O   D O N ” T   B E   T H E   M I M E !

Live Broadcast

via Live Broadcast

Ramblings of A Chaotic Mind Boy Scouts, Diversity

Coffee & Chat Distractions


We are living in a day of age where we are so bombarded with information & disinformation and labels that don’t define us but divide us and each day there is something new trending to capture our attentions so we aren’t seeing what is happening really happening right in front of your eyes, tonight we will talk about how this is being used and is a modern day digital weapon being used to control a hidden narrative that they don’t want you to see

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