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Taking a Stand Against YouTube’s Censorship

I welcome all youtube creators who wish to take a stand & speak out I will be doing a live stream everyday this week on this issue & if you wish to take part & have  your voice heard contact me so we can set it up.


SDOL “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing”

Anyone else tired of our Politicians Saying Screw YOU

Let’s Talk about dangers of Rhetoric & Diversity pt II

Let’s Talk about dangers of Rhetoric & Diversity

Let’s talk about NY A sanctuary city harboring…. America’s WORST Nightmare

Live Stream Starts at 4pm est



Well looks like I will be down for awhile hopefully I still have to the end of this month but from the phone call earlier might be as soon as tomorrow. Basically I will be losing my internet service because they can not fix the issues we are having and they decided to drop our service because of it yeah I thought it sounded fishes too but that’s what it has come down too…

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