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World Pirate Radio News™ (Show Segment #22) Live Stream Starts @ 11:00 PM EST 08/28/18


Together, for the next approximate 60 MINUTES, they’ll share your thoughts, questions, and comments, while serving up their own unique “Pirate” styled brand of cutting edge perspective to a range of hard-hitting news items and stories from around the world. Along with any kind of issue corporate mainstream media has chosen 2 ignore, mix in a few choice “off-beat” Pop Culture or gaming items, and PRESTO! you’ve got yourself the perfect news “Muck-around” formula.


Tonight’s Special Late Nite Stream starts at 11:00 PM Est Ahoy Maties theer be Pirates about w/Special Guest & Host of Pirate Radio Podcast Japhy Ryder

Tonight I am honored to have Japhy Ryder Host & Voice of Pirate Radio Podcast joining us for this special late nite show, SO all aye scalawags batting down those the hatches and hoist the main sails and prepare to cast off as we set sail on the High Digital Sea’s & Hoist the Jolly Roger for there be Pirates about seeking adventure & plunder on this very nite…

Links: Pirate Radio Podcast…

World Pirate Radio Podcast Network




A Beacon of Hope


Ever since the shot heard around the world & the founding of our Country The United State’s of America has been the beacon of Hope & Freedom for every country in the world seeking the same values that our founding fathers set forth for all of us.

Son’s & Daughters of Liberty Magazine Issue 1


To Download the PDF you can click on this link since ISSUE now only allows premium membership the ability to offer downloadable content

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind Troubled Times


We are truly living in Troubled Times, Everyday now we keep hearing about how our freedoms & liberties are under attack, How having your own opinion & views that go against the so called norms can put u on a list or even be called unsafe for a social platform, So set back and enjoy the show I have a lot to talk about tonight….

Live tonight 4/02/18 at 7pm est Are we seeing History repeat itself with a new form of Book Burning



We are living in a day of age where we are seeing a dark part of history starting to repeat itself. As the generation of that time is almost gone & their history is being rewritten to upcoming generations, with common core removing certain parts of history form the history books to social media trying to play thought police, & powers that be changing the meaning of words in the dictionary & encyclopedia to redefine it so it supports there ideology & current political views We are truly living in some dark times… In this new age of book burning

What “freedom” means to you personally in your everyday life


Perfect discussion for our 100 video, & a special, TY to Mr Anderson for suggesting it. It is one of the most important things that we have & is what the idea of the American Dream was based on in part. As we are living in a time where the idea of freedom is being attacked on many different levels…

Evening Coffee & Chat Silence & Division will get us nowhere

Why is it our Constitutional Rights always under attack, This is a follow up on yesterday’s live stream I did on Free Spirit Press News on her channel For those that didn’t catch it the link is below…

Yet More Censorship…

Amaterasu Solar Again…

Let’s talk about Consent Vs We do not Consent

Pirate Radio Podcast Live Stream

via Pirate Radio Podcast Live Stream

Coffee & Chat Happy Labor day Live Stream Starts @ 7:00 PM EST 09/03/18


Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day even though I know many people still had to work on this day but that seems to be the norm with most holidays now. Tonight where just going to have some idle chat & just just relax lol yeah I know….

Pirate Radio Podcasts Minds World Indie Music Showcase 4.0 – Episode #120 Live Stream Starts @ 11:00 PM EST

For the 2nd time in 2018, we offer some of the BEST INDIE music and performance talent has to offer.

British Expat Author (Albert “Bangkok” Jack) – Episode #119 Live Stream Starts @ 11:00 PM EST


#British ex-pat Albert “Bangkok” Jack has written 18 books on subjects ranging from history, politics, religion and war. Exploring the origins of well known phrases in the English language, his first release “Red-Herrings and White Elephants” became a huge 2004 international best-seller.

Helping to further launch Jack’s publishing career, the book was serialized by the UK Sunday Times; remaining in their Best Seller list for well over a year.

In a life’s journey, which 2 this point, has taken him from the UK, 2 South Africa, 2 #Thailand, and various points beyond, Jack has cultivated a dedicated passion for all things, including intrigue, inquiry, beauty and truth.

A former guest of both SKY TV and the BBC, over the course of our approximate 90 minute exchange, we’ll aim to traverse a whole host of areas with Albert, including everything from the realm of world travel, social media, political Islam, George #Orwell, historical revisionism, Wikipedia censorship, conspiracy theories, and, as always, much, much more.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 – World Pirate Radio News™ Midweek Muck-Around (Show Segment #21) Live Stream starts @ 11:00 PM EST 08/21/18


Ahoy! Dropping Anchor in Port for Lusty Tales of Adventure:

Ramblings of A Chaotic Mind What the hell is going on In this world Live Stream Starts @ 11:00 PM EST

It’s Friday lets have a bit of fun and talk about whatever comes to mind in this chaotic madness that is so spiraling out of control and let us see what ethereal walls we can shake…

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